Difference Between Blazer and Coat | Blazer vs Coat

Key Difference – Blazer vs Coat

Blazers, coats, coat suits, and jackets are essential parts of the wardrobe of people who are social. These are fashionable garments that are worn on different occasions, formal and casual. Many often confuse the two garments blazer and coat due to their many similarities. This article attempts to highlight the differences between blazer and coat. The key difference between blazer and coat is that coats are worn for protection from weather whereas blazers do not offer protection from the weather. 

 What is a Blazer?

Blazer is an upper garment worn over shirts on both formal and casual occasions. It resembles a jacket and a coat, but it is a bit casual than a suit jacket and more formal than a sports coat. Blazers are worn by both men and women. Blazers are typically in one solid color.

Blazers are very common as a dress code in colleges and institutions and are proudly worn by students and members, to flaunt their association. Blazers are also worn by members of teams of various sporting clubs and even countries, to show their affiliation.

A blazer should not be confused with a sports jacket as it is more formal. It does not have flip pockets in front and mostly they have a simple pocket that may be adorned by the badge of the institute or college for which it is made. This type of a blazer is considered to be a uniform and schools and offices do us blazers as uniforms.

A blazer is usually worn over a shirt sometimes with a tie in place. However, it can be also worn over a plain polo T-shirt. To make it look more formal, the badge of the institution is sewn over the front breast pocket of the blazer.Difference Between Blazer and Coat | Blazer vs Coat

What is a Coat

A coat is a piece of clothing worn by men and women since ancient times. Coats are long sleeved with buttons in front and are usually worn by people during cold seasons to stay warm. However, of late, coats have become a fashion statement with some really stylish designs of coats available in the market.

There have been many styles of coats from early times such as morning coat, overcoat, frock coats, etc. Coats are generally made of lighter fabrics, and there are both winter coats and summer coats. Summer coats are made with cotton and linen fabrics, whereas winter coats are made of woolen fabrics mainly to provide warmth.Difference Between Blazer and Coat | Blazer vs Coat

What is the difference between Blazer and Coat?

Blazer vs Coat

A blazer is a “plain jacket not forming part of a suit but considered appropriate for formal wear” (Oxford Dictionary).

A coat is “an outer garment with sleeves, worn outdoors and typically extending below the hips” (Oxford Dictionary).

Blazers can be worn for both formal and smart casual occasions. Coats are not worn for formal events.
Protection from Weather
 Blazers are not worn for protection from the weather. Coats are worn for protection from the weather.
Blazers are used as uniforms. Coats are not used as uniforms.

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