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Evolution vs Creationism

Evolution and creationism are the two similar concepts with different definitions. Both deal with the provision of something new to the nature. Evolution deals with the changes that occur specifically through heredity, while on the other hand the creation factor is related to the concept of creating or the development by the supernatural power; it is said that the world and every thing around us was created. That shows that creationism is an older concept as the changes are made after wards that makes the evolution concept to be the later concept.


Evolution means that any kind of changes observed over time. The changes are specifically related to the genetic factor, which refers to the changes among the living beings that arise due to the inherited genes among them that are observed from generation to generation. There are reasons to why living organisms face evolutionary changes. Firstly the concept of reproduction among human beings and animals is the reason and then the genetic factors play the role also in the process of evolution. The subject is studied with biological, philosophical, psychological, medical and non medical subjects. Evolution can affect every aspect of our living, from the physical to the psychological structure among people. Then there also are the types among this process, the micro evolutionary concept refers to the smaller changes while the macro level evolution refers to the prolonged changes occurring in the surroundings.


Creationism is a similar concept but it is based on the belief of the religious people. According to them, the earth, sun, moon, everything that surrounds us is the creation of God. They do not believe on the fact that everything could be created with a bang or as a reaction to some matters in the universe. They hold the concept that God is responsible for these creations. There are some criticisms also there against these beliefs, a lot of literary work has been done related to this fact and thus, there is not a single belief all around. Even in all the religions the scholars have different beliefs regarding the creation of earth.

Difference between Evolution and Creationism

The difference between the two concepts is that although both seems to give beliefs regarding the beginning of the universe but the concept of creationism and evolution both rejects the belief of each other. The evolutionary scholars believes that the sun, moon, earth and all the living beings are created by a bang centuries ago, while the creationism scholars believe that God created everything that surrounds us, different theories are there according to the different religions. Evolutionary scholars says that natural creations were already there in the universe and life on earth is the later evolution but the creationism scholars believe that a superficial power is responsible for the initial creations and nothing was based on continuation. Evolution suggests that from the past humans were apes and creationism says that humans are special and God’s creatures. All together, the concept of evolution is quite difficult as compared to the religious beliefs of the creationism.

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