Difference Between Gel and Wax: Gel vs Wax

Gel vs Wax

There are many different styling and grooming products available in the market. Among these, hair gel and hair wax are two products that confuse a lot of young people as they cannot make out which one of the two is a better product to use on their scalp. To give different styles, hair needs to be applied with a gel or wax as your hair cannot slick back or spike on its own. This article attempts to make choosing between a hair gel and a hair wax easier by highlighting the differences between the two products.

Hair Gel

Hair gel is a hair care product that looks beautiful as it is colored but transparent. It is water based and feels like a liquid when one takes it in his hands. It is a product that adds texture and structure to your hair and makes it hold on to a style that you have chosen for yourself for a party or a function. Hair gels seem to stretch but are designed to dry quickly and make a shell holding hairs together in a style. When applied over hair, gel prevents frizz and also keeps hair manageable if you have thin hair that keeps flying here and there.

It is advisable to apply hair gel on wet hair as it dehydrates hair by drying quickly. Just take a bit of gel in your hands, rub a little and apply with both hands on to your hair so that it spreads all over quickly. Comb your hair in the style you want to give and leave it on for a few minutes to have that style for the day.

Hair Wax

Hair wax, as the name implies, is a hair care product that contains wax. It is, therefore, milky but gummy in nature and has a granular texture. Hair wax is good to style hairs that are unmanageable as it sets hairs and keeps them in their place all day long. Dry and listless hairs start to look glossy when hair wax is applied to them. Wax does not dry up. It means that hair remain pliable, and you can restyle them anytime you so desire. Be cautious not to use too much of wax as it can make your hair greasy.

Wax should be applied on dry hair as it does not mix with water and will not stick in place if the hair is wet. It is better to be used on short hair rather than long as wax carries weight and makes long hair look quite greasy.

Gel vs Wax

• Gel is clear and runny, whereas wax is semisolid and has a texture.

• Gel dries up quickly and makes hair stiff, whereas wax remains soft and keeps hair pliable.

• Wax is good for short hair, whereas gel can be applied on all lengths of hairs.

• To be able to manipulate hair later, it is better to use wax.

• Gel can be removed from hair just by rinsing whereas one has to shampoo the hair to remove all the wax.

• Gel is applied on wet hair whereas wax is applied on dry hair.

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