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Gross Salary vs Net Salary

The things which come under business are quite complex to be understood. Many things associated with business are associated with too much confusion. Gross Salary and Net Salary are two terms often involved in business routine. What actually is the difference between these two terms is going to be discussed here. Continue reading the article to understand the difference between gross salary and net salary.

Gross Salary

In the simplest words for the readers to understand, Gross Salary may be defined as the income or the amount which is paid to you by your employer directly. This type of income is the one from which various types of taxes have been deduced.

Net Salary

Net Salary, on the other hand is the income or the amount of money received by the employee of the company after the various types of taxes and deductions have been made from the salary. This refers to the amount which is left after deduction of different types that is valid on gross salary has been made and the amount left is to be used by the person.

Difference between Gross Salary and Net Salary

Any type of salary when paid to an employee is meant to be the payment for the services that have been provided by the employee to his/her employer. This payment is agreed by both the employee and the employer at the time when the employee is joining the organization. Gross Salary refers to the salary which includes the different types of deductions that are liable on the salary. These deductions include different types of bonuses and various other allowances that are to be cut down from the salary. On the other hand, net salary is the amount of salary which is handed over to the employee. This amount is mostly less than what has been told to the employee at the time of joining. The reason behind this is that the salary told at joining is gross salary while net salary is paid to the employee after all kinds of taxes and cuttings have been made from the salary. Deductions from a gross salary include different types of taxes, payments for social security, insurance and health benefits. In short, unlike gross salary, Net Salary is the amount in hand of the employee after all taxes have been cut from the salary.  The different types of allowances included in the Gross Salary are allowances meant for salary, allowances for personal usage, allowances for traveling on leave, as well as education allowances. The gross salary is also involved in case a person applies for a house loan which is granted after multiplied a specific number with the gross salary to calculate the ability of the person to pay the loan back. Net salary on the other hand has the deductions of Bank and Company made which is then paid to the employee by the company.

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