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Mobile vs Tablet

Mobile and tablets are two devices that are also two of the commonest gadgets that people use to communicate and connect with the rest of the world. Only a year and a half, we only had mobiles, smartphones at that. But then Apple introduced a totally new device called iPad, and the world has not been the same again. Today, virtually all mobile manufacturers are involved in making tablets, and the concept has caught the imagination of people the world over. There are many differences between a mobile and a tablet though that will be highlighted in this article.

A tablet is a mini computer, and can perform most of the functions that one can perform on his laptop. One can surf the net, take pictures, chat with friends, use it as an eBook reader and send and receive emails. He can also perform some basic computing functions, and watch videos and listen to MP3 or songs from the net as he can on a laptop. If anything, a tablet, having a smaller 7-10 inch screen and very small weight is much more portable than a laptop or even a notebook. However, it is not a mobile, which is a device mainly, used for its function of making and receiving voice calls.

Of late, mobile handsets have started to perform many functions that were unheard of only a couple of years ago. Today, mobiles are smartphones that allow people to surf the net, take pictures, shoot videos, chat live with friends, connect with them on social networking sites, and even use these phones as GPS devices.

It is clear than there are many overlapping functions between a mobile and a tablet though a tablet does not allow a user to make or receive calls. However, the user can still communicate with friends through chatting or by sending emails as tablets have Wi-Fi capabilities. With tablets coming installed with dual cameras, they are taking on smartphones in all departments. Tablets have made a computer ultra light and ultra mobile with limited computing functions. The only thing not available with tablets at the moment is the facility to play DVD’s as they do not have DVD drives.

What is the difference between Mobile and Tablet?

• Tablets are miniature laptops with a major difference that they are like a slate while laptops have a briefcase design. One gets a physical keyboard on laptops while tablets have a virtual keyboard. Computing capabilities of tablets is also much less in comparison to laptops.

• When we try to contrast tablets with mobiles, we find that barring the ability to make and receive voice calls there is practically no difference between a mobile and a tablet. There has been much overlapping in functions of mobile and laptop, and the differences are getting blurred with manufacturers providing similar functions in both these mobile devices.

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