Difference Between Swaddlers and Cruisers | Swaddlers vs Cruisers

Swaddlers vs Cruisers

Pampers is the company making diapers for babies. It manufactures diapers in all shapes and sizes and presents lots of choices to parents of small babies. Cruisers and Swaddlers are two of the most popular diapers made by pampers. First time parents are often confused between Cruisers and Swaddlers and cannot seem to make up their minds on what is right for their baby. This article takes a closer look at Cruisers and Swaddlers to enable parents to choose between these diapers with confidence.

More on Cruisers and Swaddlers

As a first-time parent, you are obviously very much concerned about the comfort of your baby. Depending upon his size , age, and the level of activity, there are many different models of diapers made by Pampers to choose from. As far as weight of a baby is concerned, Swaddlers are the diapers from Pampers that are suitable for up to 22 pounds of weight of the baby. Swaddlers are available in many different sizes that are labeled as P1, XS, N, and finally 1, 2, 3. N denotes diapers for newborns whereas P1 and XS are for small babies that have been born amateur. In comparison, Cruisers are diapers made by the same company for bigger babies that weigh between 16 and 41 pounds. As far as sizes are concerned, the sizes of Cruisers begin with size 3 and go on to fit a baby of size 3-7.

If your baby is not very active and rather dull, you can very well make do with Swaddlers diapers. Cruisers, on the other hand, are meant to move along with your active baby as they are more flexible than Swaddlers. Both Swaddlers as well as Cruisers are fantastic when it comes to their absorbent power as both make use of the fantastic and futuristic Dry Max technology. However, small sizes of Swaddlers and the starting size of Cruisers do not have this technology. Swaddlers are cheaper than Cruisers.

What is the difference between Cruisers and Swaddlers?

• Cruisers are for babies that are highly active.

• Swaddlers are softer than Cruisers.

• Cruisers are more expensive than Swaddlers.

• As babies grow up, they require bigger diapers and this is where cruisers come into action.

• Cruisers look more flexible than Swaddlers.

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