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Tactic vs Strategy

Tactic and Strategy are two words that are often confused due to the similarity in their meanings. They of course have different meanings. Tactic refers to a trick or a method by which a problem can be solved. Strategy on the other hand refers to the plan by which problem can be approached.

You can postpone some work assigned to you by means of delaying tactics. These tactics can help you for the moment to escape the wrath of your boss. They are not permanent solutions to your problem. On the other hand strategies are permanent solutions to your problems. A strategy can be beneficial to solve the problem. It is the correct way by which you can approach a crisis.

Tactics cannot help you solve crisis whereas strategies help you do so. Tactics can be negative in impact and can lead to failure too. On the other hand a strategy which is well planned cannot lead you to failure. It will bestow success on you. This is the main difference between tactic and strategy.

Tactics help you drag any given issue whereas strategies help you to find an ultimate solution to a problem. You need not put your intelligence to use in the case of a tactic whereas strategy needs all your intelligence to come into play. This is another important difference between a tactic and a strategy.

Tactic at times will have negative impact on the result whereas strategy will always have a positive impact on the result. Tactics are commonly employed in sports and games by the opponents to delay the result of a match. On the other hand strategies are employed by growing companies and organizations to ensure good results. Business strategies are done with business ethics in mind. Ethics are sometimes transgressed in the case of tactics.

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