6 Great Ancient Mysteries of China

Back in the early 1600s a man broke into the Forbidden Palace (I mean, the name says you’re not supposed to go there) and attacked the guards with a stick. He claimed that he was part of a conspiracy by a part of the guards to kill the emperor’s son. Zhang Chai, as the somewhat unsuccessful assassin was named, figured he’d try to do that with a stick. After the trial, and Zhang’s death, the emperor’s son succeeded his father. Sadly, he mysteriously died five years later, and we have no idea who or what killed him.

The Stick Assassination Attempt | 6 Great Ancient Mysteries of China | Brain Berries

Emperor Jianwen’s Death

Emperor Jianwen got attacked by his own uncle, who set his palace on fire. In the aftermath of the fire, uncle Zhu Di “identified” one of the bodies found in the palace as Jianwen and declared himself the new emperor – purging all records and human ties to Jianwen from his empire. Most people at the time however believed that Jianwen escaped the fire and lived the rest of his days as a monk. One of his court officials even allegedly saw him flee to another province after the fire.

Emperor Jianwen’s Death | 6 Great Ancient Mysteries of China | Brain Berries