Difference Between Android 3.1 and 3.2 (Honeycomb) -

– Launcher animation optimized for faster, smoother transition to/from app list

– Adjustments in color, positioning and text

– Audible feedback for improved accessibility

– Customizable touch-hold interval

– Navigation to/from five home screens made easy. Touching the home button in system bar will return you to most frequently used home screen.

– Improved view of internal storage used by apps

2. Support for more varieties of input devices such as keyboards, mouse, trackballs, game controllers and accessories such as digital cameras musical instrument, kiosks and card readers.

– Any type of external keyboards, mouse and trackballs can be connected

– Most of the PC joysticks, game controllers and game pads can be connected except for some proprietary controllers

– More than one device can be attached simultaneously via USB and/or Blutooth HID

– No configuration or drivers required

– Support for USB accessories as host to launch related applications, if application not available the accessories can give the URL to  download the application.

– Users can interact with application to control the accessories.

3. Recent Apps list is expandable to include larger number of apps. The list will have all the apps in use and recently used apps.