Difference Between Android 3.1 and 3.2 (Honeycomb) -

– Quick Controls UI is extended and redesigned. Users can use it to view thumbnails of open tabs, to close the active tabs, access overflow menu for instant access to settings and many other.

– Supports CSS 3D, animations, and CSS fixed positioning to all sites.

– Supports embedded playback of HTML5 video content

– Save the webpage locally for offline viewing with all styling and imaging

– Improved auto login UI let users quickly sign in to Google sites and manage access when multiple users sharing the same device

– Support for plugins that use hardware accelerated rendering

– Page Zoom performance improved

7. Gallery apps improved to support Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP).

– Users can connect external cameras over USB and import pictures to Gallery with one touch

– The imported pictures are copied to local storages and it will show the balance space available.

8. Calender grids are made larger for better readability and accurate targeting

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