Difference Between Apart and A Part: Apart vs A Part

Apart vs A Part

There are many pairs of words in English language where a single space inserted can make a huge difference to the meaning of the word leading to confusion in the minds of those trying to learn the language. One such a pair of words is apart and a part where a single space twists the meaning. This article attempts to highlight the differences between apart and a part to make it easier for the readers.

A Part

A part is a phrase that implies one part or division of a whole. If you are a member of a team in a sport, you are supposed to be a part of the team’s strategy. France is a part of Europe. This means that there are many other countries, and France is just one of them. A part also means an accessory when one buys a part for his car or motorcycle from the market. Take a look at the following sentences.

• India is a part of the Commonwealth

• You have to go to the car market to buy this part

• This part of the constitution deals with the citizen’s rights

• Part of the problem lies in people’s attitude towards corruption


Apart is a word that means at a distance. It can also imply separation between two people. His world fell apart when he got the news of an accident involving his wife. This sentence tells us the shock and the turmoil that the person goes through when he learns about the mishap.

• They decided to live apart for the better future of their children

• It is the high quality of the company that sets it apart.

• Jokes apart, driving under influence is a crime.

• Kanpur and Lucknow are some distance apart

• At Spencer’s, one can get fashion apparels apart from grocery

Apart vs A Part