Difference Between Bobble Head and Head Knocker -

Bobble Head vs Head Knocker

Bobble Head and Head Knocker refer to the head shaking dolls. Head shaking dolls are toys that have been in existence for a long time in different parts of the world. They are made of clay or wood and head is made disproportionate that is attached with a spring so that the head wobbles when touched slightly. In the west bobble heads made their appearance in the 50’s and is as popular today as ever. They become a topic of conversation and you can easily find one on the tables in offices. These head shaking dolls are known variously as bobble heads, head nodders, head knockers, bobbing head dolls and simply wobblers. They are great showpieces as you can stick their bottom to your car and their disproportionate head wobbles in air with the slightest of touches or even with the force of the wind.

A bobble head is essentially a figurine that is miniature in size (normally 6-12 inches). It is either made to stand or to be used after sticking on wall or cars. They are a source of amusement and kids just adore them. As described above, many companies call them differently and as such people are confused with the difference between a bobble head and a head knocker. The difference lies in branding to sell more of their own products rather than in design and material and essentially both bobble heads and head knockers are same kinds of dolls that have a disproportionate head that wobbles with a slight touch.

Being a collectible toy, small kids collect as many as they can to have a large collection. These head knockers are also made for the amusement of adults which is why it is common to see these figurines being made as caricatures of celebrities. It is common to find bobble heads of famous Hollywood celebrities and even Presidents of countries.


• Bobble head is a small toy that has a disproportionate head attached with a spring that wobbles when touched

• Head knockers, though called differently are essentially the same bobble heads

• The real difference lies in branding rather than in material and design