Difference Between Chromecast Fire Stick and Roku | Chromecast vs Fire Stick vs Roku

Key Difference – Chromecast vs Fire Stick vs Roku

Chromecast, Fire Stick and Roku are streaming sticks, which are a better alternative to powerful set top boxes when it comes to the cost. But sometimes these tinny devices can perform the same task as its larger brethren. Chrome casting is an aging device but is solid and worth considering. Roku and Fire TV have also gone recent makeovers and doing on adding features and boosting power. The key difference between Chromecast, Fire Stick and Roku is the price difference and the features that these devices possess. Let us take a closer look at this device and see what they have to offer.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is Chromecast
3. What is Fire Stick
4. What is Roku
5. Side by Side Comparison – Chromecast vs Fire Stick vs Roku in Tabular Form
6. Summary

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is an adapter used for media streaming. It is a product of Google that allows the user to pay online for digital content such as music and videos. The adapter is like a dongle that is plugged into the HDMI of a TV. A USB port can be used to power the device. A mobile app can be used on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop as a TV remote. After the initiation of the stream, it is not essential to keep the app open, since the device can be operated or used for other purposes.

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