Difference Between Crop and Plant -

Crop vs Plant

According to the classification of biological organisms, all the plants are coming under kingdom Plantae. The kingdom consists of a vast range of organisms, and they may vary from one other in a huge number of characteristics. Although all the plants are coming under a similar hierarchical level, they can be further classified into sub groups based on those different characteristics, which may base on different criteria. The evolution of plants, morphological features, pattern of growth, and ecology are some of the frequently used criteria by scientists. The agriculturists classify according to the usage of plants.

What is a plant?

As it is mentioned above in this article, all the plants are living organisms, and they are the main component of kingdom plantae. Plant cell is the smallest structural unit of the biological body of a plant. Those cells can be classified mainly as living and nonliving cells. Living cells are eukaryotic, which contain an organized nucleus inside. Plant cells contain a huge vacuole in cytoplasm. They may vary with other eukaryotic cells by some characters. All the plants cells have a cell wall, which is made out of cellulose, hemicelluloses or pectin. Not all those are perfectly similar to each other but have various specific adaptations to carry on specific functions. By arranging those plant cells into different ways, they form various units called tissues of functional systems. Some of the well-known tissues can be mentioned as xylem, phloem and cambium. There are several basic functions happening inside a plant such as respiration, photosynthesis, transpiration, absorption and transportation of water and minerals. Most of the plants are able to make their own food by photosynthesis since they are autotrophs. They are the producers in food chains because they can directly use the energy coming from sunlight and fix them using chlorophyll pigments. However, there are some other plants, which are parasites or semi parasites.

What is a crop?

Crops are also a kind of plant. However, they are different from an ordinary plant because of the purpose of their cultivation. A plant, which is cultivated by humans with an intended purpose of having a beneficial output, can be called as a crop. The output is commonly called harvest of the crop. However, a plant that grows under normal environmental conditions without having any interference by humans cannot be called as a crop. Again, crops can be categorized into several groups based on the purpose of cultivations. Agricultural, medicinal, horticultural and manure crops are some of the well known crops. Most of the fruits and vegetables are coming under agricultural crops, and they are processed as food or directly consumed. In addition, the medicinal crops are used as herbs for curing or preventing of bad health conditions. There is another main category called manure crops, which is used as green manure, fertilizers in compost making, or energy supplement. Not only for the above purposes but also, plants can be used for decorations and landscapes, which are called as horticultural crops.


What is the difference between crop and plant?

• Although all the crops are coming under the category of plants, not all the plants can be considered as crops.

• Always the purpose of cultivating a crop is getting an economical or other type of benefits, whereas not all the plants have a similar purpose.

• Crops are the plants, which are cultivated in prepared conditions for the intended purpose of having a beneficial output.

• Crops are planned cultivations, which are grown under intense care.