Difference Between Curators and Conservators -

Curators vs Conservators

Curators and conservators both work for the protection and conservation of precious historical items. There are very unique and special items in every country that are significant to the country’s status. They keep these items under the jurisdiction of either the curators or conservators inside a library, museum, or gallery.

The curators are appointed as the official keeper of cultural artifacts that are very essential to any particular groups, inhabitants, or ancient societies that have been continuously passed on from one generation to the other. These artifacts includes but not limited to: monuments, statues, buildings, coliseums, and the like which are all commendable to kept for the next future generations to appreciate its value and beauty.

The conservators are the ones who are tasked to repair any damages that a given artifact may have encountered due to certain factors like duration of its existence and/or from consistent transferring of the artifact from one place to another. They are the ones responsible in inspecting the object or the artifacts regularly to make sure that they are given special treatment or repair intricately.

While the curators are the keeper or collector of the artifacts, the conservators on the other hand, just like its name suggests, repairs, fixes, and restores damaged or broken artifacts to its original state. The curators also are tasked to research the possible locations where artifacts can be located and will take care of how the packing is done if an artifact will be transported. In the case of the conservators, their task is to intricately examine any chemical or physical deformation of an artifact and restore it based on the value of the artifact either historically or aesthetically.

The curators and conservators are very essential since they are both responsible for the preservation and safekeeping of the artifacts that holds various meanings to certain society, group, or a country itself. The importance of an artifact can not be put into writing since they hold value that the children of the world can still view and trace the history upon viewing the artifacts.

In brief:

• Curators are also known as keepers and collectors while conservators are the fixers and restorers of the historical artifacts.

• The task of the curator is to research for possible places where artifacts can be found and/or buried whereas the conservators intricately examine and determine the kind of damage that the artifacts suffered in order to repair it based on the results of their study like the historical value, scientific attributes, and the appearance of the artifacts.

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