Difference Between Euro and Dollar -

Euro vs Dollar

Euros and dollars are one of the most influential global currencies in this modern era. Both of these currencies play a very significant role in defining the shape of global economics and finance. Though, the dollar was already established as the world’s most stable and important currency before the advent of euro but right at this moment, both of these currencies seem to go parallel in their value and worth.


The Euro is the official currency that reigns in many of the member European states of European Union (EU). The European central bank is the main authority figure that governs all the matters related with the flow and issuance of this currency along with its other monetary aspects like interest rate etc. all those European states where the Euro is being used are called the Eurozone. It has been noticed that Euro has played a very important role in strengthening the European economy and making it a more stable one.


The dollar is the official currency of United States of America though it is being used as an official currency in many other countries states as well. Federal Reserve (the central bank of United States of America) and the Federal Open Market Committee are the two governing bodies that issue and set the rate of interest for the dollar. American dollar is being termed as one such currency that has played a very significant role in stamping the power of American economy on the world wide fiscal scenario.

Euros and dollars are being considered as very significant reserve currencies being used all over the world. This is the reason; most of the products all over the world get to be priced either in dollars or euros. But, with the passage of time, the dollar has seen a little depreciation in its value against the appreciation of Euro which is emerging as a very stable currency, adding to the favorable aftermaths for the European economics.