Difference Between Gamete and Gametophyte l Gamete vs Gametophyte

The key difference between gamete and gametophyte is that the gamete is the sex cell produced by the sex organs of the gametophyte while the gametophyte is the male or female haploid stage of the life cycle of certain organisms including plants and algae.

In the life cycle of plants and certain organisms, male and female gametophytes can be seen. Male gametophyte produces male gametes while female gametophyte produces female gametes. Male and female gametes are the haploid sex cells or germ cells, which involve sexual reproduction. They undergo fertilization process and produce a diploid zygote that can develop into a completely new individual.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is Gamete
3. What is Gametophyte
4. Similarities Between Gamete and Gametophyte
5. Side by Side Comparison – Gamete vs Gametophyte in Tabular Form
6. Summary

What is Gamete?

Gamete is a haploid cell that contains half of the chromosome set or the half of the genetic material of an organism. It can be male or female gamete. Gamete is able to fuse with the opposite sex gamete to form a diploid cell called zygote. Thus, it is a mature sex cell that involves in the sexual reproduction. Then the zygote divides by mitosis and becomes a complete organism.

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