Difference Between Geyser and Water Heater

Geyser vs Water Heater

The mere thought of having to make use of cold water during winters is very disturbing. This is why people make use of various appliances to get water heated before it can be used whether for bathing, washing clothes, cooking, or cleaning utensils. Two words water heater and geyser are most commonly used by people to refer to systems employed to obtain hot water during winters. Some people think a geyser is a completely different appliance than a water heater while there are also many people who feel the two are synonymous. Let us find out if there are any differences between a water heater and a geyser.

Water Heater

Water needs to be heated to make it comfortable for our use during winter months. All appliances that are used for water heating are classified under the category of water heaters whether an electric kettle, a gas based water heater, an immersion rod, a storage water heater or an instant water heater making use of electricity to heat water. Water needs energy to raise its temperature and this energy can be provided by gas or electricity. Heaters that heat water are an integral part of our lives, especially if we happen to live in cold climates.


Geyser is a hot spring that forces hot water and air through an opening in the surface of the earth. Geyser is a natural phenomenon and at present there are around a thousand active geysers gushing forth hot water in the form of steam. Most of the geysers are found near places where volcanic activities are going on.

However, in UK, and in many other commonwealth countries, geyser is a word often used to indicate a water heater that is installed to supply hot water for domestic use.

What is the dfference between Geyser and Water Heater?