Difference Between Hat and Cap | Hat vs Cap

Key Difference – Hat vs Cap

Hats and caps are two types of head coverings that are worn by many people. A hat is a headgear with a shaped crown and a brim. Cap, in contrast, have a flat head and no brim. A cap can have a peak or visor at the front. This is the main difference between hat and cap. In this article, we’ll explore different types of caps and hats, and their shapes.

What is a Hat?

A hat is a head covering having a shaped crown and brim. Hats are worn for several reasons, including protection against elements, safety, religious or ceremonial reasons or as a fashion accessory. Hats are sometimes also used as a part of a uniform. (e.g., military) The shape, size and material of a hat can vary according to its functions. For example, a sunhat, which shades the face and neck from the sun, has a wide brim whereas hard hats, which are worn for safety, have a small brim.

Types of Hats

Let’s look at some common types of hats: