Difference Between Hat and Cap | Hat vs Cap

Bowler hat: a hard felt hat with a rounded crown

Cloche hat: a bell-shaped ladies’ hat that was popular during the early twentieth century.

Fedora: a felt hat with an indented crown and wide brim

Panama hat: a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian origins

Top hat: a tall, flat-crowned, broad-brimmed hat

Cowboy hat: a high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat, associated with ranch workers

Difference Between Hat and Cap | Hat vs CapPanama Hat

What is a Cap?

A hat is a head covering that is similar to a hat. A cap can be also described as a type of hat. The main difference between hat and cap lies in the shape; caps are flat or have crowns that fit very close to the head and have no brim. Caps only have a peak or a visor. The visor of a cap is usually intended to protect the eyes from the sunlight.

Types of Caps

Caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Given below are some examples of common caps.