Difference Between Hat and Cap | Hat vs Cap

Baseball cap: a soft cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak in front

Flat cap (cloth cap): a rounded cap, usually made from wool or tweed, with a small stiff brim in front

Deerstalker: soft cloth cap with peaks in front and behind, originally worn for hunting

Difference Between Hat and Cap | Hat vs CapBaseball caps

What is the difference between Hat and Cap?


Hat: Hat  is a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown and brim

Cap: Cap kind of soft, flat hat without a brim and typically with a peak.


Hat: Hats usually have a shaped crown.

Cap: Caps have crowns that fit very close to the head.


Hat: Hats have a brim; the size of the brim depends on the type of hat.

Cap: Caps don’t have a brim; they only have a peak or visor.


Hat: Hats are worn by men and women for several reasons, including protection against elements, safety, religious or ceremonial reasons or as a fashion accessory.