Difference Between Honey and Nectar -

Honey vs Nectar

Honey and nectar are sweet treats of Nature that is given to us, human beings. These sweets, according to experts, are good for diabetic people and are a healthy substitute for sugar. So if you wanted to have a healthy lifestyle while clinging to that sweet tooth in you, it’s high time to look into honey and nectar.


Honey is made by bees by using the nectars harvested by them from flowers. It is a sweet food and has been eaten by man for centuries. Honey is a very healthy food and is well-known for its healing and nutritional benefits. It provides energy to us as well as it is not detrimental to our health, especially for people who have diabetes.


Nectar is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a good substitute for the white-refined sugar. Nectars are produced by plants and are the source of honey when bees convert these sugar-liquid. Nectars are plant-derived therefore, diabetic people will not have problems if they eat this one instead of the refined sugar as it has lower glycemic index which does not easily raises blood sugar.

Difference between Honey and Nectar

Honey and nectar are a healthy substitute for refined sugar. While honey has been a staple food for many centuries now, nectars have just entered the scene quite recently. Bees are the one who produce honey from the nectar they have harvested while nectars are directly produced by the flowers of the plants. Due to this, vegans prefer nectars as no animal is involved in its production. Also, nectars are sweeter than honey so in terms of the amount, you need to use a little when using nectars while a more if using honey.

Therefore, when you are looking for a healthier as well as sweet substitute for sugar, then you should choose either honey or nectar. With these, you get to savor the sweetness without the risk involve.

In brief:

• Honey is made from bees which they have collected from nectars of the flowers.

• Nectars are sugary liquid produced directly by plants through their flowers.

• Honey and nectar are good substitute for sugars as they may not increase blood sugar, although always take it in moderation.