Difference Between Inconel 625 and 825 l Inconel 625 vs 825

The key difference between Inconel 625 and 825 is that the Inconel 625 contains a high amount of nickel compared to the Inconel 825.

Inconel is a nickel-based superalloy. We can grade this alloy differently, according to the amount of nickel present in the alloy and considering many other parameters. Inconel 625 and Inconel 825 are two such grades. More importantly, we should not confuse with the two terms Inconel and Incoloy; although both of these are nickel-based alloys, they are different commercial brands with different chemical and physical properties.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is Inconel 625
3. What is Inconel 825
4. Side by Side Comparison – Inconel 625 vs 825 in Tabular Form
5. Summary

What is Inconel 625?

Inconel 625 is a nickel-based superalloy containing a high amount of nickel than other grades of Inconel. It has high strength and great resistivity to higher temperatures. Moreover, it shows great protection against corrosion and oxidation. These specific properties make it very useful in nuclear and marine applications.