Difference Between Indie and Boho / Bohemian Look -

Indie vs Boho / Bohemian Look

The indie and boho/bohemian look has inspired a lot of girls, teenagers and women to follow suit with this type of fashion. Those who love to mirror these looks have used their own fashion sense to make the look more unique or personalized.

The Indie Look

The indie look brings into life handmade pieces and items that are pre-owned together to make one eclectic and indie outfit. An indie look or fashion is actually comfortable and cozy, not uptight. Indie fashion advocates reusing and recycling clothes instead of buying new ones; shirts and floral dresses that you may unearth from behind your closet are perfect for this look.

Boho/Bohemian Look

Boho/Bohemian look or fashion comes in and out of the fashion world regularly coming back every time with a more modern touch. Bohemian first surfaced during the 19th century in Europe when artists have submerged their life with gypsies. The term simply refers to dressing and styling outside tradition. Boho look inspires creativity and expression of one’s self. In order to perfect the boho look, one needs balance.

Difference between the Indie and Boho/Bohemian Look

An Indie fashion takes into a cozy and comfortable outfit and style while the bohemian mixes layers and accessories making it a bit uncomfortable for casual wears. Indie fashion offers a lot of flannel and floral dresses whereas bohemian look has layers and ruffles that look a little bit messy but fashionable as well. Indie looks take on rubber shoes, those that are comfortable to wear while boho footwears go for a more girlie look. Accessories for indie look covers headphones, messenger bags, bracelets and necklaces. Bohemian accessories usually go for big belts, large shades and scarves.

Now that you have the basic idea of the difference between indie and bohemian look, you can now determine as to what fashion line or style you want to carry out. If you are for a cozier and outgoing casual look, then the indie fashion is best suited for you. allows the wearer creativity and a play for the girly side.

In brief:

• Indie look is cozy and comfortable while boho has a mix of layer making it messy yet girly.

• Indie fashion takes on flannel shirts and floral dresses; bohemian fashion has full of layers and ruffles.

• Indie shoes prefer rubber and comfortable ones while boho footwear fancy gladiator sandals and boots.