Difference Between lincRNA and lncRNA | lincRNA vs lncRNA

The key difference between lincRNA and lncRNA is the length of the RNA. That is; the lincRNAs are long strands of RNA whereas lncRNAs are comparatively short strands of RNA.

RNA or Ribonucleic acid is an important biomolecule which has varied functions. There are many new discoveries taking place in terms of RNA. lincRNA and lncRNA are two such new discoveries. lincRNA stands for Long Intergenic non-coding RNA. They are long RNA transcripts present in the mammalian genome. They appear to help in cell differentiation and cell identity. In comparison, lncRNA or long non-coding RNA are RNA transcripts that are not longer than lincRNA, and they do not code for proteins.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is lincRNA 
3. What is lncRNA
4. Similarities Between lincRNA and lncRNA
5. Side by Side Comparison – lincRNA vs lncRNA in Tabular Form
6. Summary

What is lincRNA?

The lincRNA or long intergenic non-coding RNA is the largest class of RNA found in most mammalian genomes including the human genome. They are very large and long RNA transcripts. Also, the lincRNA has signature polyA tails, and it is useful feature in identifying them. Furthermore, another way of identifying them is by sequencing. Genome-Wide Association studies are currently taking place to identify these lincRNAs.