Difference Between Lox and Smoked Salmon: Lox vs Smoked Salmon

Lox vs Smoked Salmon

It is common for most people to be talking about Lox and smoked salmon in the same breath as if the two were identical things. There are many similarities between Lox and smoked salmon, but the two are still two distinct products. The confusion arises because of the terms like Nova lox and Nova salmon being in vogue. Though both smoked salmon as well as Lox are made from the fish called salmon that is found in the Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean, there are differences between the two recipes that will be talked about in this article.

Smoked Salmon

We all know that salmon is a kind of fish that is loved all over the world for its yummy taste. It is one fish that is not just good to eat but also contains minerals and fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 that are recommended by doctors for our good health. Perhaps the best known recipe made out of this fish is smoked salmon that refers to a boneless part of the fish that is smoked and cured. The dish is prepared by brining the fish and then later smoking it. It could be smoked hot or cold but cold smoked salmon is more popular as it retains the oils of the fish and also produces a special flavor in the fish. After smoking, salmon can be served with bagels along with cheese, or it can be eaten as a part of dishes made of pasta.


Lox is a fillet of salmon that has been brined in a salt and sugar solution and later cured and then served with bagels and cheese. It is also eaten along with scrambled eggs and as a filling for canap├ęs. It is believed that the word Lox comes from a German word Lachs that stands for Salmon. In fact, the Scandinavian word for Salmon itself is Lax. Lox, especially American Lox, is salmon that is salted but un-smoked. There are many different types of Lox that are being prepared and served in restaurants these days such as Regular Lox, Scottish Lox, Nova Lox, and Gravlax. In America, there is a dish called Bagel with Lox. It makes use of smoked salmon instead of lox. This is what creates the confusion in the minds of the people as they are led to believe that lox contains smoked salmon.

What is the difference between Lox and Smoked Salmon?