Difference Between Metal Halide and Multi Vapor | Metal Halide vs Multi Vapor

A metal halide lamp or a multi vapor lamp contains a mixture of several gaseous components including mercury and some metal halides. Let us discuss more details on these lamps and see if there is any difference between metal halide and multi vapor lamps.


1. What is Metal Halide
2. What is Multi Vapor
3. Difference Between Metal Halide and Multi Vapor

What is Metal Halide?

Metal halide lamps are a form of the light source that creates light via passing an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of mercury vapor and vapor of some metal halides. Most of the times, the metal halides are compounds containing bromine and iodine as the halide component. Moreover, the most common compound is sodium iodide. These lamps are similar to mercury vapor lamps in several ways, but these lamps contain more gaseous components along with mercury vapor.