Difference Between Prezzy Cards and Credit Cards -

Prezzy Cards vs Credit Cards

In modern times, it is hard to find a person who is not using credit or debit cards as these are products that make life easier by obliterating the need to carry cash all the time to make any transaction. However, there are cards like Prezzy cards that are even more convenient than credit cards, but not known to many people. Prezzy cards are being used in only New Zealand, and this is one reason why not many are aware of the wonderful benefits of this card. This article tries to take a closer look at these amazing cards, while comparing them with credit cards to differentiate between the two.

Prezzy Cards

Do you find it difficult to please people when you need to buy gifts for them? Have you had embarrassment of buying something that turned them off, instead of bringing a bright smile on their face? Then Prezzy Cards are something that is sure to solve your problems. These are prepaid gift cards that are available in several denominations and can be loaded only once. Prezzy cards make for a perfect gift as they allow the recipient to go for anything he or she likes, instead of having to make do with what they receive on their special day. Buying with Prezzy cards is as simple and convenient as with credit cards. These cards come with an expiry date though, and you must use them before this date to make use of the amount mentioned on them. If you have been gifted with a Prezzy card, all you need to do is to get it activated through a toll free number and start buying things of your choice, whether offline or online.

Your balance is automatically set after every purchase, and to avoid embarrassment, you can always check the account balance online or through a toll free number (0800 450 509). Prezzy cards are great to give to your employees as a token of appreciation for their hard work or loyalty on special occasions such as New Year or Christmas. Prezzy cards are accepted at nearly 29 million Visa retailers in all parts of the world so you have no worries if you are out of New Zealand for the time being.

Credit Cards

Credit cards, on the other hand are issued by credit card companies after assessing your annual income and liabilities. These cards make available funds when card holder needs to buy something, and can repay the amount in easy installments, or within a stipulated period without any interest. However, interest is applicable, if the card holder is not able to repay the amount used from his credit card. Credit cards always have a limit up to which a person can borrow, and this limit is dependent upon his annual income and some other factors.

What’s the difference between Prezzy Cards and Credit Cards?

• Prezzy cards are prepaid gift cards that one can purchase and gift to others.

• Prezzy cards are issued by a NZ company, but are accepted at nearly 29 million Visa retailers worldwide.

• Credit cards are cards that allow one to borrow funds when in need up to a certain limit, and he has to repay the amount used within a stipulated period.

• With Prezzy cards one does not have to worry about using money that he has to pay back.