Difference Between Protostele and Siphonostele | Protostele vs Siphonostele

The key difference between protostele and siphonostele is that protostele is the most primitive type of stele that consists of a solid core of xylem without a central pith while siphonostele is a modification of protostele that consists of a cylindrical vascular system surrounding a central pith.

The stele is the central portion of a stem or a root that is composed of vascular tissues and other ground tissues. Stele has tissues derived from the procambium such as vascular tissue, pith, pericycle, etc. In simple words, stele is the central area endodermis surrounds. Protostele and siphonostele are two types of steles present in plants. Protostele is the most primitive type of stele present in lower plants while siphonostele is a much more advanced stele present in other plants.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is Protostele
3. What is Siphonostele
4. Similarities Between Protostele and Siphonostele
5. Side by Side Comparison – Protostele vs Siphonostele in Tabular Form
6. Summary