Difference Between Race and Species | Race vs Species

Race vs Species

Race is a system of classification of human beings only, whereas species is the most refined division of all life forms.

• Race has no biological basis whereas organisms that can mate and produce offspring are classified under the same category of species.


Race and species are terms that are confusing for some people as they use these words interchangeably thinking them to be synonymous. Are dolphins a race or species? Why there are only human races while species among animals and fish. Even plants have species. This article takes a closer look at the two concepts to come up with their differences.


Species is a class or group of organisms sharing many characteristics. The most important feature on the basis of which a group of animals is classified under the category of species is their ability to mate and produce offspring. There is a system of biological hierarchy that starts from the broadest division of life and gradually narrows down finally to the smallest taxonomical rank of a species. Though there is no universal definition of species, two organisms can be said to belong to a single species if they are able to mate and produce a natural healthy offspring. This definition does not apply to many kinds of bacteria that can reproduce in an asexual manner. Species remains a very refined level in the biological ranking system.


Race is a system of classification of human beings that divides human beings into large subdivisions based upon their anatomical, physical, ethnic, cultural, and geographical differences. There is no biological basis to this system of human classification as all human beings ultimately belong to the same species of homo-sapiens. Race is a concept that is subjective as humans belonging to so called different races can mate and produce human beings naturally.

What is the difference between Race and Species?

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