Difference Between Single Knit and Double Knit Stretch Fabric -

Single Knit vs Double Knit Stretch Fabric

Single Knit Stretch Fabric and Double Knit Stretch Fabric are two types or styles of knitted fabrics that can be sewn without a sweat. Knitted fabrics are incapable of deformation and somewhat resistance to wrinkles due to their elasticity and flexibility. These fabrics can stretch up to 35% of the entire fabric.

Single Knit Stretch Fabrics

Single knit stretch fabrics are excellent materials for underwear, sleepwear and lingerie due to the fact that their stretching pattern is side to side compared to the under fabrics that stretches in a downward and an upright manner. The only drawback for this kind of stretch fabric is that the edge tends to curl over time. However, a number of people find this loophole to be fashionistic and stylistic.

Double knit stretch fabrics

Double knit stretch fabrics are a bit heavy in weight since they are double layered making their quality a top notch one. Double knitted fabrics are best used for pants, skirts, jackets, sweatshirts and clothes for sports. The fibers used in these fabrics are also flexible yet durable such as silk, polyester, rayon and cotton. What’s good about double knitted fabrics is the edge curls no more.

Difference Between Single Knit and Double Knit Stretch Fabric

There is not much differences that can be pointed out with single knitted and double knitted fabrics. Single knit fabrics are commonly used for lingerie and other attire for sleeping because of how it stretches which is very comfortable to the human skin. The double knit fabrics are typically used on sportswear and jackets because of both durability and elasticity of the fabric that allows the wearer to move as he wishes without hindrances. The seeming abnormality with the single knitted fabrics is the edge that frequently curls up which others consider being a taste of fashion. But in double knitted fabrics, this curling edge has been solved.

Depending on what clothes and apparels that you might need or want, it’s better to choose either single or double knitted fabrics than a woven fabric mainly because the knitted fabrics are more elastic and durable. Meaning, they won’t get damaged easily and may survive for number of years.

In brief:

• Single knit fabrics are best for lingerie and other sleepwear while double knit fabrics are best for pants, jackets, and other sportswear.

• The edge of single knit fabrics tends to curl but in the double knit fabrics, it’s already been fixed.