Difference Between Skinny and Slim Jeans | Skinny vs Slim Jeans

Skinny vs Slim Jeans

Skinny and slim may be two English words used to describe thin people, but they are also terms used by jeans manufacturers to refer to two different fits of jeans that are very popular these days. These fits look very similar, and it is hard to differentiate between slim fit and skinny jeans when you are inside a store looking for jeans for yourself. There are also people who feel that having two different names for very tight fitting jeans suits jeans manufacturers as they are thus able to sell more pairs of jeans. In this article, we will find out if there are any differences between slim fit and skinny jeans or are these terms just a marketing gimmick?


Skinny jeans are the tightest of all types of fits in jeans. They are variously referred to as cigarette fit and drainpipe by different companies. These jeans are mostly made from a stretchable material that is a mix of cotton and lycra. They are extremely snuggly around the ankles, and one has to wear and take off these pants with some effort. These skinny jeans are mostly used by very thin people, especially girls to accentuate their figure. These days, boys have also started to wear skinny jeans. The age group of people who mostly adorn skinny jeans are teenage boys and girls though some adults can also be seen sporting skinny jeans these days.

Skinny jeans are not something new as they have come and gone out of style several times since the 1950’s. Skinny jeans do not look good on thick people. In fact, to look great with skinny jeans, you need to have a figure that is slimmer than the average. All jeans manufacturers are today having skinny jeans in their arsenal though they may have different names to refer to such jeans.

Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans are hugely popular across the world these days. They are, as their name implies, a fit of jeans that is narrow from the bottoms all the way down to ankles. However, they are not skin tight as skinny jeans and looser at the thighs and the knees. Also, slim fit is not always made of stretchable material as it is not meant to hug the body as much as skinny jeans. Slim fit is the preferred choice of all people, men or women, who have an average figure and are not very thick or very thin. This fit provides a smart look to such people and also keeps them comfortable.

Skinny vs. Slim Jeans