Difference Between Social Action and Social Movements | Social Action vs Social Movements

Social Movement: A social movement is when a group of people gets together to stand up for a social issue.

Features of Social Action and Social Movements:

Relationship to others:

Social Action: Social actions are very much related to other people in the society.

Social Movement: Social movements also affect others in a direct or an indirect manner.


Social Action:  Social action captures a variety of activities in the society.

Social Movement: Social movements can be considered as an example of a social action.


Image Courtesy:
1. “Stop The War protests in London, 2007-02-24” by David Hunt from Warwickshire, UK – Crowd. [CC BY 2.0] via Commons
2. “20081106 Executive Yuan Human Rights Sit-in” by 笨笨的小B – originally posted to Flickr as Silence action (II). [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Commons