Difference Between Sulcus and Fissure | Sulcus vs Fissure

Sulci produce gyri. They are the ridges of the brain. Gyri contain dendrites, glial cells, cell bodies axons, and synapses. However, the pattern of sulci differs in each individual. But some sulci such as central sulcus of insula, central sulcus, calcarine sulcus, hippocampal sulcus, etc, are notable as common grooves.

What is Fissure?

A fissure is a deeper groove present on the brain surface. Similar to sulcus, a fissure is made up of grey matter. Moreover, they are long narrow splits that separate larger portions of the brain into lobes. The longitudinal fissure divides the brain into two cerebral hemispheres; the left and the right. In humans, the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and vice versa.

The right cerebral hemisphere is responsible for activities such as music, drawing, emotions, visual-spatial activities, and parallel processing. In contrast, the left cerebral hemisphere is responsible for writing, language, speech, and linear sequential processing.