Difference Between Theory and Practice

Theory vs Practice

You know that you should not only forgive those who have sinned against you, but you must also be reconciliatory towards them. It is all too well to preach these concepts, but one knows how difficult it is to stand a person who has hurt us or insulted us in the past. In our classrooms, we learn many theories in science and economics but, in real life, we find that many of these theories do not hold water. This is because of the assumptions that do not exist in real lives. The curriculums in our education system are devised in such a manner that they contain a theory as well as a practice part. This is done deliberately to make way for a deeper understanding of concepts. Let us take a closer look at the differences between theory and practice.


There are two ways to make a student learn and understand a concept. One is the abstract way where the subject is taught in the form of text and pictures and sought to be made clear to students through classroom lectures given by teachers. Our text books in schools are the backbone of this theory system. It is believed that most of our learning comes through this theoretical system of education. The properties of objects and matter and the way they interact with each other are written and described in categories so as to make students grasp them in a better manner. Subjects like history can always be presented in the form of theory or text as there is no way to convert them into practice though today there are visual mediums that can be used to make students even see history and geography. However, natural phenomenon, their reasons, causes, and correlations are always sought to be presented in textual form so that students retain them for a long time period. Of course, a medical student can understand a disease in a much better manner when shown a person afflicted with a disease, but he is still made to learn the symptoms in a theoretical manner so as to be able to better diagnose between two similar diseases.


In all systems of education, there is a methodology of teaching based upon practice. This is a part of education that is best described through vocational courses and certificates and diplomas that people get in professions of hairstyling, plumbing, carpentry, cookery, electronics repair, air conditioning, etc. In most of these professions, there is a theoretical part which tries to present the subject matter in the form of a capsule. This theory is, however, used by students, to write down in exams to get good grades while practice is first hand experience of what they are supposed to do in real life after passing out from their classes. A lawyer may undergo a lot of theory based classes but, in real life, when he starts his practice, he is always dependent upon his acumen and present evidences.

What is the difference between Theory and Practice?