Difference Between Thereby and Therefore | Thereby vs Therefore

Let’s look at some more examples to understand the meaning of this adverb more clearly.

The students volunteered at the hospital for six months, thereby gaining a deeper insight into the medical field.

He signed the document, thereby forfeiting his right to the property.

The doctor took swift action, thereby saving the life of the patient.

Rohith pointed out that this was a western tradition and was thereby alien to Indian culture.  

This action increased demand and thereby pushed prices up still more.

In all the above sentences, you’ll notice that the phrase that follows the adverb thereby describes the result of the first clause. For example,

The doctor took swift action – First Clause

Saving the life of the patient – Result

Furthermore, it is also important to note that thereby is rarely used in spoken language. It is also not a very common adverb in writing as it renders a certain formality to writing.

What Does Therefore Mean?

Therefore is also an adverb that functions as a conjunction or transition word. It has the meaning ‘for that reason’, or ‘because of something’. Moreover, adverbs like thus, hence, and consequently are synonyms of therefore. Let’s now look at some example sentences that contain this adverb.

Ron injured his leg two days before the game and was therefore unable to play.

Muscle cells need lots of fuel and therefore burn lots of calories.

Any human is entitled to these rights; therefore they are universal and timeless.

The professor told her that her words made little sense and therefore lacked any depth.

They heard the warning about the landslide on the radio and therefore took another route.

Difference Between Thereby and Therefore | Thereby vs Therefore