Difference Between Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Similar to the molecular – kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics is concerned with the analysis of gases. However, while the molecular-kinetic theory of gases studies gas processes with a micro approach, thermodynamics, on the other hand, has a macroscopic approach. This means that thermodynamics does not consider processes at a molecule level, but the gas is viewed as a whole, and gas processes are phenomenologically observed. The basic parameters are determined with observing the gas process.


Difference Between Thermodynamics and Kinetics

What is Thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics is a science that studies the occurrences of mutual transformation of heat and other forms of energy (mechanical, chemical, electrical). It is a well-known fact that heat is received from doing a mechanical work.

We know that work transforms mechanical energy into heat. It is well known that heat can also be converted into mechanical work – for example heated water evaporates and that steam could trigger a turbine doing a mechanical work. However, this heat conversion is not simple and is never complete.

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