Difference Between Ubuntu and Debian -

Ubuntu vs Debian

For people who want to use a free operating system; a lot of Linux distributions are available for them. One of the oldest distributions of Linux is Debian and remained in IT industry for more than two decades. After this, a lot of distributions came into existence and one of them is Ubuntu. It got separated from Debian in year 2004. This has happened due to the slow cycle of Debian. There are new versions of Ubuntu available in the market after every six months which has made the compatibility possible with various other applications and hardware.


This operating system is ranked as one of the top most operating systems because of its performance and robustness. Some of the variations of Ubuntu include Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Shubuntu. These products share common characteristics while having some differences as well. Ubuntu uses Gnome desktop environment and native applications of Gnome are also available with this operating system.

It also offers incredible security and support. Not only this, you can use it on other computers as it does not require license to be installed on other systems. It is available for free as it has been developed by a community. Despite of being free, it is one of the most reliable, secure, effective and quick to install. Below mentioned are some of the reasons for Ubuntu to remain as a preferred operating system:

• It is very easy and quick to install because it is available as open source.

• New version is available after every six months and the users do not face any issue to stay updated. This is because of the reason that it is made compatible with wide range of applications.

• Online support is available for Ubuntu that makes it different from other Linux variants.

• It is very easy task to switch from Windows operating system to Ubuntu which is quite beneficial for windows users.


Debian also uses the same desktop application as Ubuntu, Gnome and software such as Open Office. However, rebranded versions are used by Debian such as Thunderbird is rebranded as IceDove and Firefox as IceWeasel. This operating system was ranked second among other operating systems; however, with the advancements of technologies; it has not been rated as one of the most used operating systems these days.

Difference in Ubuntu and Debian