Difference Between Voice and Speech in Grammar | Voice v Speech in Grammar

Direct Speech

In direct speech, we repeat or quote the exact words spoken by someone else. In writing, these quoted words are written inside inverted commas. For example,

She asked, “When are you coming home?”

“There is a cockroach on my bed!” Anne screamed.

He said, “I won’t be returning to Orville.”

Indirect Speech

In indirect speech, we report what was said by someone else. Here, we don’t use the exact words as the original utterance.  We also convert pronouns, tense, place and time expressions appropriately.

Difference Between Voice and Speech in Grammar | Voice v Speech in GrammarFigure 01: Tense Change in Reported Speech

Observe the examples in direct speech and their equivalent indirect speech to understand this more clearly.

Rogan said, “I don’t speak French”. → Rogan said that he didn’t speak French.

“I have been to Paris” Victoria explained. → Victoria explained that she had been to Paris.

She said, “He will be in Paris on March”→ She said that he would be in Paris on March.

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