Difference Between Zinc and Zinc Picolinate | Zinc vs Zinc Picolinate

The key difference between zinc and zinc picolinate is that the zinc is a chemical element whereas the zinc picolinate is the zinc salt of picolinic acid. Further, zinc picolinate is one of the major forms of zinc supplement.

Zinc is a chemical element having the chemical Zn and atomic number 30. In addition to the chemical characteristics of this element, there are many applications such as an anti-corrosion agent, in batteries, as an alloying material, etc. Most importantly, it is a component in many dietary supplements in different forms. Zinc picolinate is such a form that we use as a dietary supplement. Let us talk more details on the difference between zinc and zinc picolinate.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is Zinc
3. What is Zinc Picolinate
4. Side by Side Comparison – Zinc vs Zinc Picolinate in Tabular Form
5. Summary

What is Zinc?

Zinc is a chemical element having the symbol Zn and atomic number 30. Moreover, it is in the group 12 and period 4 in the periodic table of elements. Therefore, it is a d block element and is a metal.

The applications of this metal include as an anti-corrosion agent, as a component of batteries, as a component of many alloys, as a component in paints and many other industries, as a catalyst for the synthesis of some organic compounds, as a dietary supplement and as a component of topical preparations. Let us talk more about the application of zinc as a dietary supplement.

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