Luggage vs Suitcase: Difference Between Luggage and Suitcase

Luggage vs Suitcase

Luggage is a word that is used to refer to the packages a traveler has along with him. These packages contain the belongings of the person that are necessities for him during his trip such as clothing and toiletries. In short, all the articles that a traveler is carrying with him and are packed inside different packages are referred to as his luggage. There is another term suitcase that is very commonly used for certain items of luggage. In fact, there are some people who use the terms suitcase and luggage interchangeably as if they were synonymous. This article attempts to highlight the differences between the two terms.


The containers or the bags that a traveler uses to keep his articles and belongings into are collectively referred to as luggage. These bags and containers come in many shapes and sizes and are also made of various materials. Whether a sling bag or a large trunk, all the bags are classified as the luggage of a person. These days there is a trend of bags having wheels and are carried along oneself on the ground. These bags are called trolley bags and one can find most people with such luggage at railway stations and airports.


Suitcase is a rectangular bag that has a handle at the centre and small locks on either side. It is a type of luggage that comes in many different sizes and capacities, to allow a tourist to keep his belongings and articles. It is usually made from a hard synthetic material, to prevent it from any damage because of accidental fall or slip. A suitcase opens along its hinges, to be divided into two parts with the upper part being used for lighter articles only. A suitcase is always meant to be a portable luggage item though it is available in some really large sizes. Suitcases with wheels are being preferred by people these days so as to carry them along on railway platforms and airport terminals easily. There was a time when suitcases were available in very dull and earthy colors only. Today one can find suitcases in all sorts of vibrant colors such as red, pink, green, yellow, orange etc.

Luggage vs Suitcase

• Suitcase is a particular type of luggage. It is like a Ford among cars.

• All suitcases are luggage, but not all luggage items are suitcases.

• Suitcases are rectangular in shape, whereas luggage can come in all shapes.

• Luggage refers to the baggage with a person.

• Suitcase may be wheeled or non-wheeled.

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